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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NPSE and NSSE for sport and health

Natural Power-Stretching Exercises or NPSE is a natural exercise. It means that NPSE causes real feeling of stretching or pandiculation (we call it power-stretching) and yawning.

The Mother Nature developed and implements power-stretching in many ways. It is a universal key to health, survival and power.

Here I will mention only few these benefits in the field of sports and health.

NPSE develops effect known as Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR) which is absolutely necessary for all kinds of physical activity where practitioner has to develop high speed and explosive character of motion. PIR also is very useful for stretching and developing amplitude of movements. NPSE also produces Post Activation Potentiation (PAP) of muscles, which considered to be very important in sport, especially for well-trained individuals. PAP can considerably improve sportsmen’s performances and results for the limited period of time. Therefore NPSE is highly effective for many sports and physical activities.

NPSE has great health improving effects. It’s unbelievably effective for chronic stress treatment, High Blood Pressure (HBP) treatment, “bad cholesterol” control and treatment. NPSE do miracles in treatment of osteoporosis, tendon and joints inflammations and cure many other health problems and maladies. 

NPSE is good for the heart and blood system in general. Important result of NPSE, even not widely known, is a better health of veins and precipitates cleaning, especially from the areas near the vein valves.

NPSE make some invisible and internal muscles much more powerful and vital. It’s especially important when we speak about diaphragm, intercostal muscles (the muscles that move our ribs) and muscles of the pelvic floor.

Powerful and energetic diaphragm and intercostal muscles (the muscles which move our ribs) are greatly important for breathing. Good condition of the diaphragm and bell muscles is absolutely important to keep erect position and good stance. Good tonus and exercising of the muscles of pelvic floor will keep us active and energetic. It is also of utmost importance for prostate health for men and for womb health for women. Healthy and good trained pelvic floor muscles not only revitalize us. It really rejuvenates us and make us to look and feel actually younger, elevate our sexuality and sexual energy.

Power-stretching can do real miracles to our stance. It can recover it so fast, so dramatically that probably no any other exercising can do. In this mode the muscle contraction is very light, even the feeling of yawning and power-stretching will be the same. This set is almost identical to NPSE and the main difference is a power of muscles contraction. We call it Natural Stance-Stretching Exercises or NSSE.

Good natural stance looks really nice and naturally elegant, but its importance is far beyond of pure aesthetic value. Only good stance make possible natural, effective motion, proper breathing and relaxation during the motion. The nice, natural stance will keep internal organs healthy and functioning better and more naturally.

NSSE greatly improve breathing, is very effective for lower back and cervical vertebra problems, bad stance curing, cure flat feet within minutes of exercising (I know, it seems not realistic, but still it works within minutes) and great for curing of knees and ankles problems.

Bad posture results in chronic stress, constantly tensed muscles, pain of shoulders, neck and head. As a result of constant tension of the muscles of the back area the vertebra experiences great stress and suffers from damages, especially vulnerable a lower back and cervical (neck) part of vertebra. All this results in bad synchronization during casual motions, improper tensions and torques not only of the lower back but also of the neck and leg joints and tendons. Neck muscle tension can damage brain, vision and hearing as well as our ability to be concentrated and our cognitive abilities.

Good, natural stance will change the form of the chest and sternum, making the chest and rib case deeper, wider and roomier. Even the lower jaw position and bite will change. The eyes, air passages of nose, glottis and throat will open wider and chronic pouring will disappear in many cases within few days.  

I’s also clear that good stance is absolutely necessary for everything associated with motion, especially for various sport activities.




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