ISAI The Martial Art of Formless Flow: About Monya Gorelik

About Monya Gorelik

My name is Monya Gorelik. I'm a founder and CEO of Natural Motion Center.

Few words about myself – I hold M.Sc. in applied mathematics, an independent researcher of the natural motion and coach in some fields of activities such as natural motion, natural MA, natural movement therapy and few others, more than 40 years studied and taught yoga, more than 30 years of experience in MA, certified wushu (kung fu) instructor, Secretary General of Wushu (Kung Fu) Federation of Israel during 1994 - 2005 and European international judge, learned and practiced different styles of Chi Gong, Do In and other related arts.

I am the founder of fractal biomechanics, the art and science of Formless Flow (previous ISAI), NMTS and Harmony Improvisation (the theoretical research and practical training methods dealing with natural motion). 

I coached the sportsmen of the Judo National Team of Israel, including European judo champion.

I also coached and lectured in Wingate Institute of Physical Culture of Israel, in Theatre Data (the theatrical college) and HMO, initiated the project in the field of robotics using my bio-mechanical fractal theory in Ben Gurion University and Wingate Institute and participated in some other projects. 

Special thanks from the bottom of my heart to Prof. I.M. Feigenberg, Prof. V. Rotenberg and Prof. M. Taler for their support, help and encouragement.

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