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We already spoke about inertial motion in the previous chapters. We already know that inertial motion is a most efficient motion. But there is also another kind of efficiency, efficiency of distraction.

We know that that so called flexible weapons like nunchaku, chain or whip have one great advantage – tremendous devastating effect. These weapons can cause much more severe damage than weapons like long or short staff.

Why it happens? What is a most significant advantage of the flexible weapons upon stiff stuff?

In order to answer to these questions we have to realize that all motions that human body can produce are rotational motions. There are not full circles but rather Fish Play trajectories. Please see example in picture below:

There are trajectories of the whole arm, the shoulder, the upper arm, the palm and of the fingers. This is a result of fractal structure of the Natural Motion.

The weapon we apply simultaneously performs rotations and Fish Play motions. We know that the energy of moving object described by formula E=mv2/2, where E is an energy, m is a mass and v – velocity. If we reduce the length of the rotating human arm during the process of rotation (for example by stopping it inside the elbow so that upper arm will continue to rotate) its v will increase as a result of inertia, the mass m will decrease and E will increase, sometimes significantly. In our example with human arm rotation the mass will decrease to its half, velocity will increase twice and energy of upper arm will increase as much as twice.

This is exactly what happens during whiplash. Running wave of the whiplash will decrease mass m of the striking part of the whip but v2 will increase much more especially toward the end of the whip. As a result energy E will increase very much toward the tip, actually all energy of the whip will concentrate in the tip segment.  This is a reason that the whip’s tip can produce incredible damage, especially if the tip of the whip made of short and heavy metal part.

Can human body produce similar effect even without any weapon, just by bare hands and legs? This question has particular interest to practitioners of different sports and especially of Martial Arts.

The answer to this question is positive. We can do it.

Please watch the clip of Master Su Dong Chen, one of the most famous and capable martial artists living today. In this video Master Su Dong Chen demonstrates and teaches snapping or whipping back palm strike.

The Natural Motion can produce not only whipping back palm strike. Any other strikes, punches and kicks can be performed as a whiplash. It can be done not only by fists, palms and feet. We can do it by head, shoulders, elbows, fingers, pelvis, knees, and actually by every part of the body as a single whiplash or as a series of fast following whiplashes.

Not only that we can do it, but we can do it really very well. Please reread the chapter Golden Ratio and its hidden meaning. The following explanation deals with the punches but the same ideas and explanations can be applied to analyses of every other motion in Martial Arts, sports and ordinary daily activities.

The proper use of inertial and reactive forces will result in extremely swift, relaxed and powerful punches. These punches will harm the opponent from inside out. These punches will be felt as snakes moving fast inside the body, starting close to the place that was punched and finally fiercely biting completely different spot.

Inertial punch performed naturally with relaxed arm, wrist and fingers bears and transfers to the opponent’s body 4 times more energy than conventional punch! But that’s not all! Because the velocity v of such punches will be 4 times higher than of the conventional punches the opponent’s body can’t absorb them. In this type of punches the wave will run through all the body of the puncher, becoming gradually shorter more and more, until finally it will have the length of the fist. For instance in the arm the wave will change its length in the sequence: the arm, the upper arm from the elbow until tips of the fingers, the palm, the carpals and metacarpals. The punching segment, the fist, will produce whiplash on the completely relaxed wrist similar to the strike of nunchaku. It means that the punching segment, the fist, will be 4 times shorter than in conventional punch, it will be 4 times faster and its energy will 4 times higher than in conventional punch! The devastating effect will be even much greater because the tremendous velocity, abruptness and special internal destructive effect it produces.

The next clips demonstrate and explain two whiplash punches in secession – forward punch and back fist punch. Because of the low energy these punches expend performer doesn’t tired quickly and can change his or her movements very fast and unexpectedly even during the punches or immediately after them. This is a great advantage in every sport and especially in Martial Arts.

The laud whip cracking sound these punches produce is a very characteristic feature of the natural inertial punches. This sound is a result of supersonic speed produced by the fist. 

This kind of punches in particular and of all natural movements in general doesn’t belong to any specific kind of physical activity or sport or Martial Art. It can be performed universally and by everybody and can be learned within half an hour.


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