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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Natural Movement Therapy

The best is Natural

ISAI is an Art and Science of Natural Way of Life. NMTS is a training system of ISAI. One of the main subjects of ISAI-NMTS is a Natural Movement Therapy. Other subjects of ISAI-NMTS include Healing Art, Motion Art, Martial Art, Bodybuilding and General Creativity.
The Natural Movement Therapy method of ISAI uses our natural, inborn movement for the purposes of reinforcement and restoring our physical, mental and spiritual health. We believe that in order to keep our soul and body strong and healthy the Nature or G-d created movements of stretching and yawning. These movements are the source of our Well Being, Good Feeling and Natural Strong Health! 

The practical method of training is based on two platforms:
1.     the study of inborn instinctive movements, statokinetic reflexes, the fractal biomechanics and anatomy which we discovered. 
2.     revealing and decoding of the secret and forgotten ancient knowledge.
This makes this system to be very ancient and modern at the same time. 
Scientific research provides us strong evidence that the Natural Movement Therapy of ISAI can dramatically improve our health within only few weeks of practice. Only 5-8 weeks of daily practice which doesn’t exceed one minute will normalize HBP, bad cholesterol (LDL) and other dangerous health problems.
These natural exercises can cure osteoporosis, normalize bad stance, re-open upper air passages, cure lower and upper back problems, plate-foot and other diseases and maladies.
The person will feel boundless energy and calmness inside together with self-confidence.
His or her memory and grasp will improve dramatically.
He or she will feel and actually be incredibly stronger and sharper with greatly improved appearance, balance and coordination.   

The Natural Way is as simple as effective. This is a Master Key to our Health and Well Being.
The mastering of the system takes just few short meetings. We actually remind to ourselves our inborn knowledge and learn back what our civilization took from us.
The drills of the Natural Movement Therapy of ISAI can be practiced in every place in every time.
They last only few seconds.
Their strong positive effect and safety are proven by science and long practice.
Their energizing and well-being feeling effect is immediate and long-lasting.
They bring Happiness and Natural Health to people.


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