Friday, June 15, 2018


It will not be exaggeration to say that everybody wants to look and feel vital and healthy, move elegantly and effortlessly, have proud natural posture and nicely formed body. In other words, all of us have a dream - to feel and look naturally attractive, harmonious and energetic, graceful and strong.
This is a dream of almost all of us, but in most cases this dream is hard to achieve. 

Many of us devote hours of training in expensive Gyms, others walk or run miles through streets and parks, try different systems of callisthenic, martial arts, yoga, qigong, tai chi and other methods.
All these systems are great, but there is one thing they all share - they emanate from our cultural and social norms. They were created, formed, developed and practiced out of our culture, our present understanding of what is nice, acceptable, efficient and healthy.
We, at FORMLESS FLOWTM, have created a very different approach. It has proven itself amazingly well over many years. We say "let's move naturally, let's follow our inborn movements and reflexes". Mother Nature provided us with all we need, we can achieve amazing results by simply re-embracing its natural laws and not replacing them with our re-engineered methods.
We found a simple yet tremendously effective way back to natural training, free of culturally created forms and methods.
For more than 25 years I and my students proved that our shared dream can be achieved.
Nature doesn't demand a great deal of training. The natural way delivers outstanding results and efficiency of training. It's easily and naturally incorporated into our everyday movements, in every sport and virtually in any physical activity.  
Our method first was applied in Martial Arts and self-defense with outstanding results. I then began teaching the method for personal bodyguards, for students in theatrical college, in Israeli Wingate Institute of Physical Culture, for leading professional sportsmen - including members of Israeli Judo National team, for people suffering from back problems, joints and ligaments problems, high blood pressure etc. The results were always amazing after a very short training course.
The training will wipe off unnecessary cultural movement habits and reveal our inner Naturalness.

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