ISAI The Martial Art of Formless Flow: WEIGTH LIFTING and AMEBA MOVEMENT

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Weight lifting fully implements Ameba Movement, especially in techniques of Clear and Jerk or Snatch:
The technique here is the natural extension of the Movement Nature.
We can clearly see all phases of characteristic sequence of flexions and extensions of Ameba along the torso and neck. It can be best watched from the side.
Rotations of the pelvis, chest and head can be conveniently described by Fish Play and Fuxi Bagua. I believe Fish Play and Fuxi Bagua provide the best and easiest way for teaching these   
Extreme loads and speed as well as measurable result and strong competition make all movements in weight lifting as much effective as possible and exclude any cultural disturbance of movement.
During performance of Ameba the torso and limbs mutually reinforce each other or initiate relaxation when necessary.
Even the tongue performs Ameba movement. The movements of tongue changes the tonus of muscles of the torso and limbs during specific phases of Ameba:
Even the eyes and ears physically participate in the movement.
This a very convincing example of the principle "Movement Nature first and Movement Culture follows".

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