ISAI The Martial Art of Formless Flow: My conversation with Prof. Vadim Rotenberg about neuropsychology and Golden Ratio

Friday, February 13, 2015

My conversation
Prof. Vadim Rotenberg
and Golden Ratio

This telephone conversation took place at Aug 12, 2014 about 11 A.M. 

In this article I only describe shortly in my own words the topics of our conversation. I believe it can be quite interesting not only to me. 

Prof. Vadim Rotenberg (Vadim Rotenberg - Atriclessuggested very interesting idea about some kind of connection between Golden Ratio in proportions of our body and our brain functioning.

As everybody knows the brain is strongly involved in our motion. All the connections between brain activity and motion are two-way connections. It means that not only the brain influences the motion, but also the motion influences the functioning of the brain! 

The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for harmonious motion. This is the same right hemisphere that is responsible for synthesis of ideas. 

The Golden Ratio body proportions provide us with possibility to move harmoniously.  It means that the closer to Golden Ratio proportions of our body, the more harmonious will be our motion and therefore the more harmonious will be functioning of out right hemisphere.

The right hemisphere is responsible for synthesis of ideas and also improves functioning of the left hemisphere which is responsible for the general ideas.

We already saw that our potential to move well, efficiently and harmoniously, is perceived as physical beauty. 
Now we see that also our mental abilities, especially dealing with synthesis and general ideas, make us physically attractive to others.

Prof. Rotenberg also supported my suggestion that Golden Ratio proportions will improve our functioning as we concern creativity and search activity, which also resides mostly in the right hemisphere.

My personal conclusions

If you look for somebody who is great in synthesis, general ideas, creativity and search activity you have first examine this person's body proportions and motion. 

Contrary, if we want to improve our spiritual and mental abilities we have to move better, more harmoniously and efficiently. 

Finally we realize that right motion improves thinking and right thinking improves motion. As to the Golden Ratio proportion of the body it improves both thinking and motion. This fact makes it beautiful in our eyes. Instinctively we all already know it! 

The other conclusion is also has sense – the beauty is a combination of spiritual, mental and physical qualities. These three ingredients mutually support and nourish each other. Any deficiency of one of them will harm two other parts and the final result - the beauty.  

There is still one unresolved problem.  I still wait, may be one day Prof. Rotenberg or somebody else could say me what I have to think in order to make my body proportions closer to Golden Ratio. 

Monya Gorelik
Updated: Feb 11, 2015

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